All three NCAA divisions emphasize athletics and academic excellence for their student-athletes. The differences among the divisions emerge primarily in how schools choose to fund their athletics programs and in the national attention they command.

Division I

Division I is home to many of the largest & most popular colleges. Coaches at this level expect recruits to have the necessary experience in their sport, including club and travel team experience, along with years of preparation and dedication to the sport. 

In Season Commitment

Athletics: 36 hours / wk 

Academics: 38.5 hours / wk

Division II

Student-athletes in Division II are just as competitive as their Division I counterparts, but institutions in Division II generally don’t have the financial resources to devote to their athletics programs or choose not to place such a heavy financial emphasis on them.

In Season Commitment

Athletics: 31.1 hours / wk  

Academics: 37.5 hours / wk

Division III

Academics are the primary focus for Division III student-athletes.  

No athletic scholarships are awarded at this level. Participants are integrated on campus and treated like all other members of the student body, keeping them focused on being a student first.

In Season Commitment

Athletics: 30.7 hours / wk  

Academics: 40 hours / wk

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